Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning


Why have your bitch scanned?
  • Non pregnant animals are not overfed
  • Plan ahead sooner, show and competition dogs can return to their normal activities
  • Peace of mind, no need to wonder if they are pregnant, a phantom or non-existent.
  • Inform potential customers sooner of your expecting litter.
  • You may see the pups moving around and heart beats.


How Is Scanning Carried Out?

Scanning is non invasive and safe there is no need to anaesthetise or sedate your bitch, scanning can be carried out while your dog is stood or laying down which ever your bitch is happiest with. Your bitches wellbeing is our priority and we ensure we work in a calm, gentle and methodical manner so as not to upset or unsettle her. We use a safe water based gel on her abdomen to ensure a clear picture. It is unlikely but if your bitch has excessive hair on her belly we may need to clip a small area but of course only with your agreement.  We also thoroughly disinfect after each bitch to prevent cross contamination and spread of infection.

What Is The Best Time?

Scans can be carried out from day 28 from the last mating in most breeds but scans can take place any time after this point. The optimum time is around 28/30 days. We cannot be held responsible if you bring your bitch too early as this often results in an false/negative or inconclusive scan and a second (chargeable) scan may be required.*


The aim while scanning your bitch is to give you an idea at the time of the scan, if she is in whelp. An estimate on numbers is purely an estimate.The BVA advise that vets DO NOT estimate the number of foetus present as it can be potentially dangerous. Foetus can be absorbed, also be tucked behind each other and the mothers rib cage.

*Disclaimer :- We carry out scanning as a guide only. We do not and cannot give 100% assurances. The information we provide is purely a guide and our opinion is based on the results seen from the scan at the time. Our service is NOT a replacement or substitute for veterinary care and advice.

How To Book

To avoid disappointment please book your scan several weeks in advance. Advanced bookings are very much appreciated as we do get very busy. We do however, endeavour to fit everyone in where possible.

To make an appointment please call or text – 07770 931389 or 07748 657061

You can also email via

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your prospective mum in the near future.